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Minimum quality criteria
Prior to sale our horses should  satisfactorily pass next assessment:
(  1) - Is registered at Studbook
(  2) - Has an acceptable pedigree
(  3) - Has proper conformation/gaits
(  4) - Has no markings
(  5) - Is trained under saddle
(  6) - Has proper height/length mane
(  7) - Has a 'Super Character'
(  8) - Has clear willingness to work
(  9) - Is free of any (stable) vices
(10) - Passes clinical health examination conducted by registered, reputable veterinary surgeon or clinic.

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First and foremost look into the eyes of the horse. Does she/he show a soft, curious look with large, round eyes, or does it have small and/or narrow eyes?

Is the forehand proportionate to the hindquarter? Is the leg length proportionate to the body depth? Is the length of the neck proportionate to length of the back? Is the length of the head proportionate to length of the neck? Is overall bone and substance, such as size of hooves, proportionate to the body mass?


View the horse not ridden and/or tacked up to examine its natural movement. Does the horse appear relaxed with a natural balance in all movements?


Is the walk free and loose as opposed to short and tight?


Is hock action proportionate to knee action? Do the shoulders move as freely as the knees and hocks (not more or less)? Look for degree of suspension and animation. More is better. 

Trot and Canter
In free movement, is the length of the stride from the hindquarter equal to the length of the forehand stride? Does the horse have natural extension in both trot and canter? How freely does the horse move in the canter? Is there a 3-beat canter? Does the horse have a natural 'uphill' forward movement with natural 'swing' to its back?

Training level

A properly schooled horse can correctly demonstrate all of the movements required for the performance or competition level at which it is being sold.

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Avoid laminitis by using the
Fructan Index

Fructan is a dangerous substance that can cause laminitis and is produced by grass in an extent that is dependent on the weather conditions. Fructan Index is compiled on the basis of current wea- ther information. This makes it easy  to see if there is risk of a high Fructan content, giving you grazing time and ability to adjust the length of grazing your horse


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Horses undergo a full veterinary pre-purchase 
examination, including X-Rays as agreed upon.
Prices are excluding veterinary pre-purchase
examination, transport or export expenses.

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